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Write the word “ready” down on a piece of paper.

Do it now. I’ll wait.

Now take your pen and draw a line through it.


You need to know that the word “ready” is not your friend.

Eliminate this word from your vocabulary.

Because real life is not like school.

In school you study (the more the better) to get a good grade.

In REAL life … You need to stop studying.

Stop “reading up” on the subject. (You’re stalling.)

Life is NOT an intellectual exercise. [Tweet that]

The longer you make it one, the more time you lose.

Do it.

In REAL life… You need to get a bad grade.

Nobody actually gets it right on the first try.

If you think you’re supposed to, you’ve missed the point.

Get your ass out there and get an F.

Yes, I mean fail.

Then do it again.

You’ll get a D or a C the next time (if you stick around long enough to learn something.)

You will NEVER be ready.

Stop waiting for that day.


(You’ll learn a hell of a lot more than you did in school.)

Please tell me: What will you do today, ready or not?


[Interview] with Sherold Barr

by Amy on July 16, 2014

I had such a fun conversation with Mark Butler of YNAB during the last interview, that I decided to keep talking about money! It’s one of my favorite topics anyway ;-)

So I invited Sherold Barr, Creator of Smart Women Make Money to join me for a candid convo about all things money mindset.


Are you ready for a money mindset makeover?

If you’re ready to give up money drama + remove your money blocks,
don’t miss Sherold’s free call on Friday, July 18 @ noon PT / 3 pm ET. You can sign up here.

And don’t miss the giveaway!

Sherold is offering a private 30-minute money coaching session to one lucky winner who shares in the comments section.

The giveaway question for the tribe: How do your money fears affect your business (and life)?

Can’t wait to read your thoughts!

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