The card I never sent

by Amy on September 21, 2016


“Oh my God! I think I’m turning into mom!”
My sisters and I used to joke.
My mom was a good sport about it 😉
Which is why I bought this card for her many Halloweens ago.


And for many Halloweens I thought I would get around to sending it to her…
Because it was true.
It was the way I really thought about turning into my mother…
And I wanted her to know that.
But each year I let the minutiae of life get in the way.
And then one November, not long after another Halloween that I didn’t send the card,
She died suddenly and unexpectedly.
I still have the card.
I put it up every Halloween now.
As a tribute to my mother.
And to remind myself to never again let the minutiae of life…
get in the way of what really matters.
Go tell someone they matter.
While there’s still time.


P.S. I’m featured this week on Andrea Owen’s Kick Ass Life Podcast. I share why I decided to stop drinking three years ago and what it means to feel like a fraud. You can check it out here.


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35 Excuses Keeping You From Being Happy

by Amy on July 27, 2016

No excuses - Just happy
No excuses. Just happy.

My mom used to call me a “malcontent.” I hated it when she called me that. But now I see that she was right. I always had a reason why I couldn’t be happy. Here are a few excuses I used to make that kept me from being happy. Chances are you’ve got a few yourself. See if you can spot your excuses in the list below. If you don’t see yours, add it in the comments below.

I can’t be happy because…

  1. My husband/friend/mother/kid isn’t happy.
  2. There’s so much suffering in the world.
  3. My kids would suffer.
  4. My family wouldn’t approve.
  5. I need to live up to my potential.
  6. I need to do something “important” with my life.
  7. I have to prove myself.
  8. I don’t deserve to be.
  9. There’s too much to do.
  10. I can’t afford it.
  11. I get more respect when I suffer.
  12. People need to know how hard I work.
  13. I haven’t lost enough weight.
  14. I haven’t met my financial goal.
  15. I’d be boring.
  16. I have to sacrifice my happiness to help others.
  17. It’s selfish.
  18. It’s frivolous.
  19. I’ll become lazy.
  20. I don’t know how.
  21. I don’t know what I like.
  22. I’m not attractive enough.
  23. I don’t fit into my jeans.
  24. I haven’t accomplished enough.
  25. I’m too accomplished.
  26. I’ve made too many mistakes.
  27. I have bad hair.
  28. I’m not as good as her.
  29. I’m not cool.
  30. The things I like aren’t cool.
  31. I don’t fit in.
  32. They don’t like me.
  33. They didn’t invite me.
  34. I need a drink to be happy.
  35. I need the right outfit.

I’ve finally proved my mom wrong. I’m not making excuses any more. I’m finally happy. How about you?


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