Back to Square One

by Amy on October 11, 2018

Last week I wrote about my latest bout of depression.
I mentioned I had a theory about what led up to it…
But first you need to know about The Change Cycle. Martha Beck writes about it in Finding Your Own North Star, the book that, ironically, rescued me after a particularly nasty episode of depression.
It’s a model for coping with life change. There are four squares. But the important one for our purposes is square one.
We’ve all experienced something that has sent us reeling smack into chaos (aka square one).
Sometimes it’s a “cataclysmic event” we have no control over — for me that was the death of my mother.
It might even be something wonderful that fundamentally alters your world – for me that was the birth of my twins.
Sometimes though, the change that sends you “back to square one” is an inner shift that happens gradually rendering you unable to be the same person, live the same life.
I am the queen of this one. Let’s call it THE INNER SHIFT. Up until recently, however, my inner shifts did NOT happen gradually. Mostly because I spent my life trying to fit my square pegged ass into one round hole after another. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)
Like the time I worked for a company called mentor graphics that sounded interesting until I learned several weeks later that the company did not in fact mentor graphic artists but did something with semi conductors (I never figured it out).
My boss didn’t like all the time I spent organizing fundraisers on the side. One day she asked me to come in early for a “special project.” Then she never showed up. It didn’t take long for me to figure out the bitch was being passive aggressive. So I packed up my office and left.
I fled many a corporate job in this manner.
This was my pattern. Try to be someone else, become miserable trying to be this person, flee quickly and dramatically at any provocation.
I just wasn’t cut out for 9 to 5 work.
Like a wind up doll bumping straight into a wall, I’d crash back into square one over and over again.
After years of therapy, self coaching, psych-k, kundalini yoga, aromatherapy, Ho’oponono, colonics (just kidding I haven’t tried that yet), rigorous exercise and a lot of tennis, I’m still the queen of THE INNER SHIFT.
A few years back I was earning multiple six figures in my coaching biz and had just expanded my team only to realize, after two weeks of kundalini yoga in the jungles of Costa Rica, that I wanted to scale way back.
Yeah. That.
I forgot to mention that a huge part of the work of square one, outside of all the time re-evaluating the pessimistic, fear mongering, self destructive thoughts that come up once you’re there, is just plain grief work. You have to cry a lot — grieve the old you and the life you created which no longer works. Otherwise it’s square one purgatory folks. You’re never getting out. You’re a wind up doll crashing again and again into square one.
Which brings me to the present.
I just realized I’m in square one AGAIN. (It took me a while to figure it out, damnit.) I’m in a “liminal period,” or what Martha describes as “the bizarre, formless, zero-identity netherworld of Square One,” where you are “temporarily a kind of nobody.”
I got here via another inner shift. But this time the inner shift came in a way I did not expect…
It wasn’t a catalytic event.
It wasn’t a new job or a new baby…I didn’t win the lottery or experience some other kind of good fortune that changes everything. DARN.
It was an inner shift BUT it didn’t come from the same self destructive pattern of trying to fit myself into a life that isn’t right for me.
It came from self reflection.
And self coaching.
And all kinds of inner work.
That finally allowed me to break a life long cycle of looking for happiness outside of myself.
This is a major breakthrough, right?! Major!
Well, this “breakthrough” sent me smack into a depressive episode.
Because liminal periods suck. Being a “nobody” aka with no identity is practically torture to someone who has spent her entire life trying to seek significance in one way shape or form or another. What does one do with themselves? How does one organize her day when she has lost that drive, that ego-driven ambition that has been her faithful companion for-EVER?
I should have seen this coming. After all I teach a course called Being You Uncensored for people who identify as “approval addicts.” After they have done the work in this course, a lot of my people talk about feeling the same way, anchoress, lost, unsure of who they are now that they aren’t looking for other people to approve of them.
It’s a very good problem to have right?
I just find it odd that after all the self help, eight years of breakthroughs, ahas and “leveling up,” I am just now experiencing an inner shift so B.I.G. it has sent me into a dramatic square one melt down.
I suspect there are others, like me, experiencing this uber special (I’m being sarcastic) kind of square one liminal period. (They’re probably curled up in a fetal position wondering what the hell is happening.)
If this is you, know that there’s nothing wrong! This is actually normal! Phew.
You’ve got to unfurl yourself from the fetal position. You are not going crazy. You have some things to do… Grrl, you’ve got to cry! And rest and cry some more and make peace with the not knowing… who you are, what you want, what the hell to do with your non-self.
There is a magic in it too. “Being nobody nowhere, [you] can become anything and go anywhere,” Martha writes.
I”m starting to laugh a little more and my heart is pulling me in new directions. Now that I know I’ve been marinating in square one, I’m feeling better. Square two is on it’s way. It smells like wet dirt and grass and the center of a giant sunflower. And I’m gearing up to dream and plan.
For more info about The Change Cycle check out Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck. To check out my course called Being You Uncensored, click here:
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Where did Amy go? Part 3

by Amy on September 27, 2018

It’s me again.
This is a blog post about mental illness.
I’m no expert on mental illness.
I’ll just write from my own experience.
I could keep tossing euphemisms against the wall.
The blahs, the blues… But let’s just call a spade a spade? Depression fucking sucks.
I’ve struggled with depression my whole life. Except I didn’t know it was depression. Which apparently is a common thing among women which is why I’m writing about this now.
Feeling sad or anxious or scared or lonely was pretty normal for me as a kid.
So when I got older I just assumed it was normal to feel sad or anxious or scared or lonely.
It wasn’t until I became a life coach and I learned how to feel better that I came upon a resource about depression.
The symptoms…
A loss of interest in things.
Wanting to sleep all the time.
Changes in appetite.
In a podcast called The Hilarious World of Depression Dick Cavett describes it this way:
“If there was a magic wand that could make you feel better, you wouldn’t get up to get it because you’re just too tired and it probably wouldn’t work anyway.”
This is not “burn out.” It’s something entirely different.
My first major episode outside of childhood (I had panic attacks as a kid for YEARS) was in Seattle after turning thirty. I didn’t want to get out of bed, when I did I smoked and drank and nearly drove myself to suicide (which is another symptom of depression).
My second bout was in my mid thirties during the years of infertility and treatments to get pregnant. The third, after my mom died and the twins were born three months later.
Sometimes things like death and childbirth and mars retrograde and feedback on writing projects trigger it. In other words, things we can’t control.
Many times the trigger is internal — the shitty stories we tell ourselves.
Like the first time I got depressed, for example, when I wrote a list of all the things I wanted to accomplish by the time I turned 30. Super human things like getting into the top international relations school in the world, speaking five languages, living in China.
I didn’t achieve these things by thirty (surprise, surprise). So I concluded I’d never amount to anything, that I was wasted space. That’s enough to make anyone depressed.
Fast forward to today… I am forty five. I have been a life coach for eight years. I know what depression is. I have tools.
And yet…
The past few weeks every damn thing has felt overwhelming to me… Getting out of bed, walking to the bus stop, calling the vet, eating. I slept 12 hours last night, got the kids ready for school then went back to sleep until noon. I cried because my earbuds got stuck in the zipper of my wallet.
I have a few theories about what triggered it this time. That’s another blog post. But the good news is I know what I’m dealing with.
If you’re reading this and you can relate but this whole time you’ve been telling yourself it’s just “burn out,” know this: depression is real and you should take it very seriously.
Here’s are some things that help:
1. Do something healthy to shift your energy every day as many times as you can *especially* when you don’t want to do it. And you probably won’t want to do it. So force yourself.
Try yoga, meditation, any kind of exercise, massage, acupuncture, nature, sex, swimming, tennis.
2. Don’t talk yourself out of these things.
You might tell yourself that you “shoudn’t” be getting that massage because you have so many other things to do. Bullshit. It is imperative that you do these things. This is part of how you will get better. Period.
3. Don’t isolate.
It can be embarrassing to admit to feeling so shitty *especially* when everything seems great on the surface. Hell, look at my life… supportive spouse, great kids, everyone is healthy, everyone is safe, there is a really pretty airstream outside our house, I have the tennis channel. Depression doesn’t give a shit about your socionomic status or your gender or your life circumstances. Talk to someone, get help.
4. Avoid the quick fix. Before I knew what it was, I would find ways to self medicate. Alcohol was a great way to feel better in the short term. I didn’t realize that booze is a depressant that ultimately makes you feel even worse in the long term. I haven’t had a drink for five years but I won’t lie, I still want to feel better the quick and easy way. But I know shopping sprees at madewell and no bake cookies from Whole Foods (why don’t they sell the big size???) might feel good in the moment but in the end once the money hits the bank account and the sugar high is gone you’re still sitting there crying about your earbuds.
5. Check your shame and watch your thoughts.
It’s easy to feel like a complete and utter failure when you spend half the day sleeping and the rest of the day clicking ads on Facebook. But no amount of self flagellation will help you get better. Practice being nice to yourself. Watch the way you think and how it makes you feel about yourself. Find kinder thoughts.
6. Take really really good care of yourself.
This — now more than ever — is the time for amazing self care. Take vitamins ( Long Life Vitality Supplements from doTERRA help me manage my mood), drink green juice, diffuse essential oils, take baths, rest, say no to things you don’t want to do. This is worth repeating. Don’t talk yourself out of these things. It IS your medicine right now.
It’s been a week since I’ve written this. And lo and behold I’m feeling soooo much better. For me, depression comes and depression goes. I never know quite when it will hit. But I know what it is now and I know what to do.
My hunch is I’m not the only one who goes through this. If you can relate, you are so NOT alone. Take amazing care of yourself and know that it will get better.
Take care of yourself, love, you’re so worth it.


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What is your greatest fear?

May 23, 2018

What is your biggest fear? I posted that question to my business page yesterday. And somebody responded “Essential Oil MLMs.” Then added “ I really like most of her articles and found them helpful. The EO stuff is a bit much.” (BTW I hate it when people talk about me like I”m not there.) It’s […]

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Meet Dobby

April 26, 2018

This is #Dobby. Dobby doesn’t care about the bus schedule or the call you have to make, or what they think over at Puppy School. She barks with the conviction and assurance of a puppy who knows it is time to play. She runs —ears back, tongue flopping, stubby legs pumping — as if she were the […]

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