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Let me guess… You have an event and you need a speaker? Not just a speaker but a GREAT speaker…

When Amy Speaks…

People listen (and laugh, and think, and even sometimes cry).

Then they leave. A different person – a little braver, a little lighter, and, yes, a little more… brazen.

Her signature talks…

The Approval Trap.

She shares the story of the sudden loss of her mother just three months before the birth of twins. A time when, she says, she “lost the ability to tolerate bullshit.” Even when everything looks great on the outside, Amy shares that many “woman on a mission” are secretly stuck and miserable, and ashamed about being so stuck and miserable. Using her personal experience and weaving in the experiences of others, she demonstrates that it’s totally possible to create a life that’s so “shiny and sparkly” on the inside that it doesn’t matter how it looks to anybody else.

Radical Authenticity is the New Paycheck

The bad news is — if you’re going to make it as an entrepreneur — you ARE going to have to sell something! No more hiding behind that “buy now” button. It just ain’t going to work. This talk is for you if you think “selling” is beneath you (even though you don’t have enough clients or make enough money). You’re so afraid of the word “no” that you never ask for what you want. You avoid putting yourself out there even though it leaves you broke. Radical Authenticity is the conviction to do business and live life YOUR way. It looks different for everyone but here’s what it has in common: It’s bold, compelling, invigorating, magnetic… And it’s often terrifying. It exposes your deepest passions and desires. When you decide to be you, uncensored, stop hiding and be seen and known: One, you scare the crap out of yourself. Two, you know what it is to feel truly alive and Three, magic happens…

If you’re planning an event – Amy loves to speak for virtual ones too! – and you need a speaker to inspire, ignite and activate your tribe, she’s only a click away.

Contact Amy here. Include the deets on your event date, speaking budget and a bit more about your audience.


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“Amy’s Approval Trap talk brought inspiration and clarity to my audience by sharing how she overcame approval addiction.  Participants left the call focused on how to get unstuck and deal with judgement, rejection or criticism in their lives.  Amy’s message is unique, fresh, funny and highly impactful. The most memorable piece from Amy’s talk would have to be the 1/3 rule! Her mindset around the 1/3 rule demolishes everything we’ve been every trained to think about business and life…period! It was truly a pleasure to her as part of my Rock Your Life Summit.”

– Latrisha Jacobs, The Life Makeover Specialist,

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