Hey! The world needs the full-strength, unedited version of you.

Maybe you can relate?

  • You don’t know how to attract your ideal client because you want the Entire Known Universe to like you so you just end up with a hodgepodge.
  • You don’t want to raise your rates because you constantly question your competence – you want your clients to have an amazing experience but you are so worried about the quality of your work that you feel absolutely paralyzed to ask for any more money from them.
  • Even though you have big dreams you never really give it 100 percent because you secretly fear you will fail and this will prove to the whole world (and to yourself) that you really are incompetent.
  • You feel like there are a million other people who could be doing what you do better. You don’t think you have anything new to offer so you don’t see the use of putting yourself out there.

Dear woman on a mission,

Who cares what other people think?

You do. You let people see an edited version of you. You bite your tongue instead of saying what’s really on your mind. You bend over backwards to make sure OTHER PEOPLE are okay (sacrificing your true self along the way).

Instead of going after what YOU want — peacefully, joyously, recklessly — you put up a persona that’s selfless, attractive, likeable and “smart.”

The problem is, that’s a watered-down version of you. And your work — whether it’s coaching, a business, or a book  — ends up being mediocre, too.

Don’t drop anchor there. It will leave you feeling hollow and unsatisfied.

If you’re asking yourself: so how do I unhook from what other people think, so I can connect with my real work, attract my real tribe, and live an amazing, inspired life…

… it’s no coincidence that you’re here. I’m Amy Pearson, Master Certified Martha Beck life coach and recovering approval addict (with the occasional relapse). And I’m on a crusade to help women on a mission live brazen — and be bold, rich, meaningful, fun, and totally shameless as they do the work they know they’re meant to do. And I personally invite you to join me, starting right now.




lisaheadshot9450“With Amy’s help, I fell in love with me…flaws and all. I am so much lighter and feel free. Her insight was spot on and so helpful. I learned to avoid dichotomous thinking and took tools away from the program that I will use the rest of my life. I feel truly like an improved version of myself after spending 10 weeks with her. It was worth every penny I spent. Time with Amy…truly life changing!”

– Lisa Smith

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