Savannah Mayfield on Self-Nurture

by Amy on September 8, 2010

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with life coach Savannah Mayfield about self-care. In her work she talks a lot about the importance of “self-nurture” as opposed to simply self-care. I was really interested in getting her take on the difference between the two. Talking with her, I learned a lot about what self-care is not. I hope you enjoy the discussion. I have a lot of other great interviews planned so stay tuned.

More about Savannah:

Favorite self care book: Any book that feeds my soul. Often it is poetry, like Mary Oliver or Rumi!
Favorite self care practice: Dancing!
Favorite self care food: Chocolate, dark and organic!
Favorite self care role model: my Grandmother Savannah (the first)
Favorite self care song: Singing loud to Patty Griffin songs!

Savannah partners with women in their personal growth and professional success.  Her focus on self-nurture and clarity inspires her clients to trust and care for themselves more deeply, positively impacting all their relationships and ventures!

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To see more from Amy’s Self-Care series, click here. To sign-up for her free e-course titled I Don’t Need Your Approval! How to Overcome Your Inner Approval Addict, click here!

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Ega January 9, 2014 at 6:27 am

What a beautiful, srirting memorial to sweet Amy. I know she would have appreciated it. What an artist you are! In prose and photos! Our friend Linda told me about your moving tribute and I had to check it out; but come to visit and I believe I will stay. Out of sadness sometimes comes good things I have found you online. Hope to see you soon.Donna


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