Diane Hunter on Self-Care

by Amy on October 14, 2010

Diane Hunter is a certified Martha Beck life coach. She’s also a busy mama of two boys, one with special needs. As a certified Equus and Mind Body coach, I was eager to get her take on self-care. Enjoy!

Check out some of Diane’s self-care favorites:

Book: Loving What Is(by Byron Katie)
Practice: Reconnecting with self and nature through deep breathing, rest (doing nothing), attitude of gratitude, and running on a dirt trail in the mountains. Daily thought work helps me remain open and ready for the possibilities.
Food: I love food so it’s difficult to narrow it down to a favorite.  My body loves any food that nourishes and replenishes my energy.  My body loves protein.  Sugar – not so much.  Honestly, I love a salad full of dark, leafy greens, avocado, orange pepper, tomato, cashews and a little asiago cheese on top with a spicy balsalmic vinegar and oil dressing.  I’m a protein gal and love my creamy raw almond butter on a banana.  Dessert – a bowl of ripe, juicy, red strawberries and raspberries.  Yum!  My extra special treat:  a super-duper moist brownie.
Role model: I have many but one in particular comes to mind.  A woman who leads her life from a place of love, integrity and grace.  She is a constant reminder that I have all the power within me to do the same.
Song: I Will Survive.  I recently wrote a blog post about it.  Do You Have an Anthem?

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