Working out is hard…

by Amy on December 8, 2010

Yesterday I participated in a boot camp class. It was baby boot camp, but these ladies are no powderpuffs.

It was hard.

I love to help my clients shift their expectations when it comes to moving more. I tell them to make working out a gift to themselves. Instead of looking for immediate results, make whatever you do for exercise something you enjoy. The body wants to move, I tell them.

I haven’t exercised for nine months and that class was hard! It reminds me that sometimes, the things we do to be better don’t always come easy. My body hasn’t moved like that for a long long time. But it is still a gift.

I love this quote by Brooke Castillo in If I’m So Smart, Why Can’t I Lose Weight:

“People who exercise regularly are communicating to themselves and the world how they should be treated. They are making a statement that they are willing to give themselves for the sake of giving health and care without so much regard of what they will ‘get out of it’ in terms of losing weight or looking good. Give yourself emotional strength, the ability to overcome excuses, motivation, pride, and the emotional commitment to state that you matter.”

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Walter December 14, 2010 at 1:51 am

Even as I have been working our everyday, I say that it’s indeed hard. I see it more as a battle with your mind, the call to get out of your comfort zone to being out the best in you. 🙂


Kate December 26, 2010 at 2:09 pm

When I was first trying to get fit after my baby, running – something I had previously LOVED and done easily, was so hard, to move like that for more than 10 minutes was not pretty, but I kept doing it ….and Im back to loving it:) Today as I was running and feeling the home stretch fatigue, I remembered that this is a gift i give myself and I can stop any time, well that just made me feel even better and move even more easily. It does get easier, and the I love to use “gift” motivation to move, for me thats more powerful than the old :get your butt moving, you NEED to lose weight” – that makes me feel horrible and slow. Kxx


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