What if Rejection were like The Backson?

by Amy on May 7, 2012

I watched Winnie the Pooh with the kids the other day. There is a scene about The Backson. He is a terrible kind of monster….

His hide is like a shaggy rug
His face a surely ugly mug
With two sharp horns atop his head
In between a mop of hair that’s red
And in his nose a ring of gold
It smells of monkey’s feet and mold
Its toes are black
Its fur is blue

…capable of truly heinous deeds. According to Owl:

They sneak into your library and scribble in all your books!
When decorating your Christmas tree, they tangle up all the hooks!
They spoil the milk, they stop all the clocks, they use their horns to put hole in your sock

Each resident of the 100 Acres Woods has his or her own idea of what the Backson will do…
Tigger: Maybe they make ya sleep too late
Eeyore: I bet their the reason my tail is gone
Rabbit: They muddy up your tiny house
Piglet: They make you feel as small as a mouse
Roo: They break your crayons
Rabbit: They spill your tea!
Kanga: They wake up babies at one and three
Eeyore: They made me catch the cold I caught
Winnie the Pooh: They made me lose my train of thought
Tigger: They swipe your strips
Piglet: They clog your pipes
Rabbit: They dig up your garden
Eeyore: They won’t be your pardon
Winnie the Pooh: They eat your snacks
Piglet: They won’t relax!
Rabbit: They chip your tooth
Kanga: They steal your youth!

One day Pooh and his friends discover Christopher Robin missing. They find a note (but I don’t think any of them can actually read). After examining this note, they determine that Christopher Robin has been taken by the Backson!

But Christopher Robin soon returns. He can’t understand what all the commotion is about. Pooh reminds him of the note but Christopher just laughs and points out that it says “I will be BACK SOON!”

When I watched this, it reminded me of the concept of rejection that many of us have in our heads. We are terrified of it, are we not? We freeze in fear of it. We reject ourselves first (by playing small) just to avoid the mere possibility of it. We create all sorts of stories about what horrors will pass if we were to say…fail or be judged or criticized or laughed at.

But what if rejection were like the Backson? What if it were really just a misunderstanding? What if it really doesn’t even exist…

What if the only rejection to fear is the rejection we do to ourselves first in order to avoid being rejected?

How would your life be different if you didn’t fear rejection?


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