The olfactory system… Powerful – it’s directly connected to the limbic lobe in the brain – which processes BIG emotions, traumas, and feelings. So it’s no wonder that what we smell has a big impact on the way we see the world.

The best part is that we can use that knowledge to our benefit.

Breathing in essential oils or applying them to your body is a way to take action, to reset, to get back into your body.  Allowing space for a new emotion. A new choice.

Moving yourself in a new, positive direction.

And that, my friend, is powerful.

Essential oils, more than anything else, have helped me and my family to heal body, mind and soul.

And it can do the same for you.

So how can you get yours?

The best way to order oils is to become a doTERRA member.

Members receive 25% off retail prices, are eligible to receive free oils and get free or discounted shipping. There’s also no need to order every month, but almost 70% of people do.

Even if you only buy a few oils a year, becoming a member just makes more financial sense.

How to get started as a member

The best way to buy oils is to purchase a starter kit, which also waives your one-time $35 membership.

The Natural Solutions Kit is my FAVORITE Kit and a great place to get started, because you get the most popular oils and supplements to begin your journey. The Home Essentials Kit will get you ten of the most popular oils and a diffuser. Once you get started, you’ll start to see which essential oils benefit you most and how to use them.

And because the LAST thing I want is for these oils to collect dust in your drawer, I offer all kinds of support to get you going. Everyone who orders a kit through me also receives the following:

  • A private 1:1 session with me ($250 Value)
  • Essentials of the Earth a guidebook for using your oils ($17 Value)
  • A private Facebook Community
  • Ongoing support and check in’s
  • Access to me via text or Facebook
  • Monthly educational webinars

So here’s how to purchase your oils:

  1. Go to
  2. Choose your Language and Country and click CONTINUE
  3. Choose Wholesale Customer and click CONTINUE
  4. Type your personal information (my doTERRA ID should already be in the Sponsor ID field but if not it’s 2591980)
  5. Find your enrollment kit (Natural Solutions Kit or Home Essentials Kit) and click ADD TO CART
  6. Choose your shipping method and click VIEW TOTALS
  7. Enter your billing address or click the box if your billing address is the same as your shipping address and click PROCESS ORDER NOW AND CONTINUE
  8. Enter your payment information
  9. Questions? Email me (

Your oils will come in 3 to 4 days. Email me ( to set up your 1:1 within the next 2 weeks!

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