How to Break a Bad Habit Once and For All

August 8, 2012

There is a two hour window of time in my day I call the witching hour. It’s right after I get home from picking the twins up from preschool. I’m in the kitchen getting ready for dinner. All three of my kids – my four- year-olds and my two-year-old — are there at my feet […]

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The Dictator, the Wild Child and the Watcher

January 11, 2011

In my work with weight loss clients, I teach a tool called the dictator, the wild child and the watcher. The dictator is that voice inside your head that scolds. She says things like “what were you thinking, you fat slob.” Or worse. She has your best interests in mind, she thinks, but will stop […]

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Thanksgiving “aha’s”

December 1, 2010

A few setbacks but the turkey didn’t get the best of me. I’m back from a week with my husband’s family to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. Somehow I managed to skate by 2 pounds lighter than I started. I’m now weighing in at 145! I started off the trip strong – stayed more or less […]

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November 12, 2010

Brooke Castillo calls them “little white lies disguised as reality.” These days, “I’m too busy” is an excuse I catch myself using a lot. “I’m too busy to plan healthy meals.” “I’m too busy to fix dinner.” “I’m too busy to go out for a walk.” The truth is we have enough time to do […]

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What Does Self-Care Have to do with Weight Loss??

November 10, 2010

Many of us believe that weight loss has to be hard. It’s about self-discipline, deprivation, endless hours on the treadmill… I disagree. Weight loss can be fun! It can be a gift you give to yourself. It doesn’t have to be hard but it does require a shift in mindset. Listen to my interview with fellow weight loss coach Cookie Rosenblum to see what I mean.

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Feeling States

November 8, 2010

Everything we want, we want because we’re hoping for a feeling state. It’s not the actual thing – it’s what that thing can bring us emotionally. Whether it’s weight loss, a new car, a boyfriend, etc. We want it because we believe it will make us feel positive emotion – belonging, security, happiness, whatever. When […]

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Getting Too Hungry

November 4, 2010

For some, eating past +2 on The Hunger Scale is the problem. For me, and I suspect a lot of busy moms, the problem is getting too low on the scale. The problem is I get too busy – washing clothes, feeding kids, picking up kids from school, bathing kids, nursing baby, etc.) to eat. […]

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Fuel, Fog, Joy and Storm

November 1, 2010

Weighing in today at 149.9 pounds. I managed to make it through Halloween weekend relatively unscathed. I did a bit of fog eating though. Mostly Halloween candy. A little explanation of the four types of eating… Fuel – Eating what the body needs to do its work in the world. We want to be eating […]

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Moving More

October 29, 2010

The yoga ball. I lived on this thing for nine months when my twins were infants. Bouncing them was just about the only way i could get them to stop crying. Baby Joy is a much more mellow child but I still find myself bouncing her a lot. I’m bouncing right now, in fact. It’s […]

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The Weight Loss for Smart Moms Chronicles

October 28, 2010

Welcome! This is the first post of what I am calling (for now) The Weight Loss For Smart Moms Chronicles. I am a weight loss coach who just had a baby and I have 20 pounds to lose!

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