You probably know that I am a recovering approval addict (with the occasional relapse).

I’m highly sensitive, an introvert and an empath. I also have anxiety issues. In other words, a walking bundle of nerves…

One thing we approval addicts struggle with more than the average Joe is BOUNDARIES.

Despite all the work I’ve been doing on myself, hell I even teach a course on this stuff, I continue to feel energetically vulnerable to yucky vibes.

Someone makes a rude comment on my blog?

Someone flips me the bird while I’m driving?

I read something disturbing on FB?

I hear about another dumb thing #45 did?

These kinds of things can ruin my day, week, even month!

Sure, I have tools. It’s a good thing! If I didn’t, I’d be a hot mess. But I still feel vulnerable, like life is so hard, like every day at any moment someone can take me down.

Until now.

(I shit you not.)

Nowadays I get a rude comment on my blog? I read it and calmly respond. Then, I move on.  None of that familiar wounded feeling in my gut… Nothing!

I’m driving and someone starts to tailgate me? I look through my back window and I calmly continued to drive. Nothing!

I’m at a party with a bunch of people I don’t know. I smile and ask people questions, curious to learn more about them. Or, if I don’t like the vibe, I just leave. No more social anxiety.

There have been SO many examples of this over the last year since I’ve started incorporating essential oilsl for energetic boundaries.

All of this has changed my life. And I haven’t even mentioned all the health benefits for me, my husband and my kids!

And when I love something, I share it with the people.

Are you into natural solutions for health?

Do you love working with plants and learning more about them?

Do you want to help other people?

Do you want to work with a company that supports communities all over the world?

Are you looking to create additional income (were talking about real passive income)?

Are you a coach or other service provider who wants to add essential oils to your toolbox?

Then selling essential oils might just be the perfect thing for you too.

Next steps:

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  3. Request membership into the Brazen Oil Builders Mastermind group.


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